Are You Brushing at Work?

Updated March 11, 2022

brush at workWe always encourage the patients at our Memphis dental office to brush and floss everyday — usually in the morning and before hitting the hay at night. But brushing after meals, including lunch at work, is just as important. In fact, keeping up with your oral hygiene while at the office is better for your mouth, and your job.

While skipping the toothbrush post-lunch probably won’t get you fired, just like brushing alone won’t reward you with a promotion, good oral health is important for your career. In a study conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry and Oral-B, we found out just how your smile, teeth, and breath affect the workplace.

The Findings

  • 40% of respondents cited a smile as the first thing they notice about a co-worker
  • 32% said bad breath was the least attractive trait
  • 75% ate two times or more a day while at work
  • 14% brushed their teeth following a meal!

If you’re part of that 14%, you’ve made us proud, keep it up! If you’re in the other 86%, don’t’ worry, we’re here to help.

The Importance of Post-Meal Brushing

When we eat, our teeth are exposed to many elements including starches, sugars, and acids. If these are left on the teeth, bacteria will begin to attack the tooth enamel and make teeth more susceptible to decay. Even if there’s no evidence of food remaining in the mouth, these dangerous bacteria are growing and causing damage. This makes brushing after meals crucial for a healthy mouth.

Switch It Up

Brushing after lunch is a great step to ward off any lingering bacteria, but there are two other main meals we typically eat throughout the day — breakfast and dinner. Many patients we talk to typically brush their teeth before digging into their bacon and eggs each morning. Try switching it up and brushing after. Same thing with dinner. The sooner you can brush after eating, the better (unless the food is high in acid, then wait about an hour). Brushing after these meals is just as important as storing a toothbrush in your office desk drawer and using it after lunch.

While brushing after meals is important to oral health, it’s still necessary to maintain recommended appointments to our dental office in Memphis. With a proper at-home, and at-work, oral health care routine and regular visits with us, we’ll help keep your smile healthy and your co-workers happy.

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