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Toothpaste: It’s Not Just For Teeth

Updated June 13, 2016

Toothpaste is a powerful concoction that can work wonders in protecting your smile against cavities and other oral health concerns. But did you know that toothpaste doesn’t just have to be for your teeth? At our Memphis dental office, we’ve heard that toothpaste has a multitude of other uses, and we’d like to share some with you.

  • Cleaning The Faucet. This may seem counterproductive because a lot of the time, sink faucets appear dirty because they are speckled with toothpaste splatter. In this case, using the exact stuff that makes faucets dirty can actually clean them too. Just take some toothpaste and clean the area like you would if you were using a cleaning product. Your faucets should sparkle, at least until the next time someone brushes their teeth.
  • Removing Permanent Marker. Whether you accidentally drug your marker passed the paper edge and onto the table, or a child created a masterpiece on your furniture, permanent marker stains happen. But according to several sources, toothpaste can remove them with little effort. Simply applying some toothpaste and gently brushing it like you would your teeth has worked for some. It may take a few applications to remove, but people seem to swear by the magical erasing powers of toothpaste.
  • Making Your Sneakers Spiffy Again. This technique has been used for a while, and it appears to transform your dingy sneaks. After a lot of wear, shoes tend to wear down and become discolored, dark, and dirty. Toothpaste can get them back closer to their original white. Take some toothpaste, apply it to a clean cloth or old toothbrush, and gently rub it onto the sneakers. Wipe off with a damp towel and repeat if necessary.  

Of course our favorite use for toothpaste is to brush those pearly whites. We recommend using a fluoride toothpaste and soft-bristled toothbrush to rid your mouth of harmful bacteria and plaque. Brushing twice a day, everyday, is the best way to keep decay and the need for cavity fillings away. What’s more is that proper brushing and regular appointments with your dentist in Memphis can keep the need for more dental treatments, like crowns, root canals, or onlays, to a minimum.

If it’s been longer than six months since you had a dental cleaning or exam, call our dental office in Memphis to schedule an appointment today. And be sure to show us your freshly cleaned sneakers when we see you next.

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